Opening: Pizzarium


The Downtown crowd can now rejoice: a new authentic pizza spot has opened, and remains open nights and weekends! And Thrillist has the juicy details. Perfect for an after work bite or lunch on the weekend before hitting the shops at Bayside, Pizzarium brings us a healthier pie than most joints. The Roman chef/co-owner explains that the lighter dough, imported from Rome, is left to rise for 96 hours to create a light and crispy effect. He uses flour high in wheat and soy and low in sugar and yeast, so that the end result is higher in protein and lower in sugars, giving us a “healthy” pizza. Not to mention all the ingredients are fresh, top quality– with cheeses and flours imported from Italy and the vegetables seasonal and organic. Choose from over 25 kinds of square slices, as is the Roman style, or order a whole tray to go or be delivered. There’s even calzones, antipastas, salads, and desserts to round out the menu, along with a selection of sodas, coffees, and beers to wash it all down.

Photo via Thrillist


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