Michael’s Genuine Home Brew Now On Tap!


Michael Schwartz of the stand out farm-to-table destination in Miami, Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink, has been working on his very own beer with Back Forty Beer Company. According to The Genuine Kitchen, as of yesterday, Thursday, Michael’s Genuine Home Brew is now available for us to try at Harry’s Pizzeria on tap with a 16-oz pour for $6. By tomorrow, Saturday, 22-oz bottles for $11 will be available at Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink. And as of August 15, you can expect both at those prices in both locations. Says the MGFD blog, “Home Brew is the first beer from an Alabama brewery distributed in South Florida, and the first beer collaboration between a James Beard Award-winning chef and a World Beer Cup Award-winning Brew Master.” Leaving his locally-sourced stamp on it, Schwartz used Semi-Chi rice and cane sugar, marking another first as Florida-grown ingredients had never been used for the grain bill of a beer until now. He dubs it a new classic American Ale: “light bodied with a citrusy sweetness, hint of floral hops and a dry finish.” It’s that crisp, clean finish that makes it pair nicely with most foods, especially those being served up at his restaurants.


Join the MGFD and Back Forty teams next week as they celebrate the official launch of Home Brew (and four others Back Forty is introducing to Florida for the first time). Monday, August 13, is the What’s Ale You ale tasting hosted by Grovetoberfest at Harry’s, Tuesday catch the OMG! Beer, Snacks & Movie! tasting at O.Cinema, and Wednesday at Harry’s for Hot & Hot Pizzeria, part of their monthly chef pop-up series featuring James Beard Award-winning Birmingham chef Chris Hastings.

Check out the video with Michael and more info about Home Brew on their blog.

Photos via Short Order and The Genuine Kitchen.


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